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Gaucher is a French prêt-à-porter house founded in 2013 by designer Marie-Christine Statz. The brand is a declaration of modern femininity, with a subversive vision and less conventional sensibility.
Gauchere Dress With Gathers-Dresses and Jumpsuits-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caGauchere Dress With Gathers-Dresses and
Gauchere Dress With Gathers Sale price$680.00 CAD Regular price$1,360.00 CAD
Gauchere Raw Edge Cotton Turtleneck-Tops-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caGauchere Raw Edge Cotton
Gauchere Raw Edge Cotton Turtleneck Sale price$495.00 CAD Regular price$990.00 CAD
Gauchere Blazer With internal Vest-Coats-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caGauchere Blazer With internal
Gauchere Blazer With internal Vest Sale price$1,060.00 CAD Regular price$2,120.00 CAD
Gauchere Deep V Dress-Dresses and Jumpsuits-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caGauchere Deep V Dress-Dresses and
Gauchere Deep V Dress Sale price$700.00 CAD Regular price$1,400.00 CAD
Gauchere Wide Leg Luxe Jogger-Tops-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caGauchere Wide Leg Luxe
Gauchere Wide Leg Luxe Jogger Sale price$605.00 CAD Regular price$1,210.00 CAD
Gauchere Open Back Midi Dress-Dresses and Jumpsuits-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caGauchere Open Back Midi Dress-Dresses and
Gauchere Open Back Midi Dress Sale price$755.00 CAD Regular price$1,510.00 CAD
Gauchere White Denim Shirt Jacket-Jackets and Blazers-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caGauchere White Denim Shirt Jacket-Jackets and
Gauchere White Denim Shirt Jacket Sale price$605.00 CAD Regular price$1,210.00 CAD
Gauchere White Denim-Pants and Shorts-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caGauchere White Denim-Pants and
Gauchere White Denim Sale price$452.50 CAD Regular price$905.00 CAD
Gauchere Lightweight Blazer-Coats-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caGauchere Lightweight
Gauchere Lightweight Blazer Sale price$982.50 CAD Regular price$1,965.00 CAD