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Kallmeyer is a New York based RTW and accessories brand which reimagines everyday staples as an elevated and refined modular wardrobe for modern, empowered women. Each piece offers unique versatility which is polished yet unprecious, through immaculate fit and fabrics, intelligent details and thoughtful balance.
Kallmeyer Clemence Pant-Pants and Shorts-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Clemence Pant-Pants and
Kallmeyer Clemence Pant Sale price$980.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Athena Flare Jean-Jackets and Blazers-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Athena Flare Jean-Jackets and
Kallmeyer Athena Flare Jean Sale price$625.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Kai Knit Tee-Skirts-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Kai Knit
Kallmeyer Kai Knit Tee Sale price$515.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Gwynn Long Dress-Tops-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Gwynn Long
Kallmeyer Gwynn Long Dress Sale price$775.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Thalia Cross Blazer-Jackets and Blazers-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Thalia Cross Blazer-Jackets and
Kallmeyer Thalia Cross Blazer Sale price$1,270.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Sabine Mini Skirt-Skirts-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Sabine Mini
Kallmeyer Sabine Mini Skirt Sale price$845.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Kenzie T-Shirt-Tops-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Kenzie
Kallmeyer Kenzie T-Shirt Sale price$155.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Kiernan Shrunken Blazer-Pants and Shorts-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Kiernan Shrunken Blazer-Pants and
Kallmeyer Kiernan Shrunken Blazer Sale price$1,055.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Dauphine Vest-Jackets and Blazers-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Dauphine Vest-Jackets and
Kallmeyer Dauphine Vest Sale price$312.50 CAD Regular price$625.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Deep Pocket Wide Leg Jean-Pants and Shorts-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Deep Pocket Wide Leg Jean-Pants and
Kallmeyer Deep Pocket Wide Leg Jean Sale price$295.00 CAD Regular price$590.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Rio Bias Sleeveless Dress-Dresses-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Rio Bias Sleeveless
Kallmeyer Rio Bias Sleeveless Dress Sale price$330.00 CAD Regular price$660.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Chloé Bib Button Down-Tops-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Chloé Bib Button
Kallmeyer Chloé Bib Button Down Sale price$382.50 CAD Regular price$765.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Safari Blouse-Tops-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Safari
Kallmeyer Safari Blouse Sale price$312.50 CAD Regular price$625.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Grace Bias Dress-Dresses-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Grace Bias
Kallmeyer Grace Bias Dress Sale price$394.00 CAD Regular price$985.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Simone Evening Dress-Dresses-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Simone Evening
Kallmeyer Simone Evening Dress Sale price$504.00 CAD Regular price$1,260.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Opera Trench-Coats-1-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Opera
Kallmeyer Opera Trench Sale price$564.00 CAD Regular price$1,410.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Cleo Trouser Skirt-Skirts-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Cleo Trouser
Kallmeyer Cleo Trouser Skirt Sale price$354.00 CAD Regular price$885.00 CAD
Kallmeyer August Bias Skirt-Skirts-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer August Bias
Kallmeyer August Bias Skirt Sale price$278.00 CAD Regular price$695.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Bodice Suit Vest-Jackets and Blazers-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Bodice Suit Vest-Jackets and
Kallmeyer Bodice Suit Vest Sale price$242.00 CAD Regular price$605.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Luna Long Sleeve Top-Tops-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Luna Long Sleeve
Kallmeyer Luna Long Sleeve Top Sale price$224.00 CAD Regular price$560.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Isla Cocktail Top-Tops-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Isla Cocktail
Kallmeyer Isla Cocktail Top Sale price$298.00 CAD Regular price$745.00 CAD
Kallmeyer Le Smoking Trouser-Pants and Shorts-Misch-Boutique-Vancouver-Canada-misch.caKallmeyer Le Smoking Trouser-Pants and
Kallmeyer Le Smoking Trouser Sale price$700.00 CAD