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Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Misch Boutique

Here at Misch, we believe that life’s little moments are made sweeter by living them in something beautiful, by wearing clothes that are thoughtful but easy, special and a little bit different.
Filling the shop with the work of designers from Italy, France, Japan and beyond, owner, Lara Osen created and curated an inspired, relaxed space comfortably lined by the beauty of what hangs on its racks. Opening in 2004, Misch (Lara’s childhood nickname) was borne out of her own understated, differentiated sense of style, a lifelong love of fashion, and a desire to bring her dog, Shadow, with her everyday to work.
Misch is a collective of pieces that one wants to reach for everyday….be it weekends spent wandering the markets, or stunning celebrations under magical, starry evenings. We love the smell of fresh flowers, good coffee and the comfort of soft sweaters. We revel in the pleasure of people watching in Paris, the comfortable company of old friends and the thrill of something new to wear. We love each other, our clients and our neighbours. In its eighteen years, the little shop has born witness to countless conversations among women that have transformed them from strangers to friends. If you haven't yet to met us, we would hope to welcome you in the shop sometime soon. If we have already had the pleasure, we look forward to seeing you again soon.